The Gatlinburg Lodge at

The Gatlinburg Lodge at
The Wears Valley Chalet at
The Wears Valley Chalet at

 Sleeps 28
Game Room
Hot Tub

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 Sleeps 5
Pool Table
Hot Tub

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Gatlinburg Game Room: Jukebox, Pool, Wii, Air Hockey, Foosball, at this luxury Gatlinburg cabin

The Game Room at The Gatlinburg Lodge at includes a pool table, air hockey, foosball, an arcade, jukebox (accepts quarters/bills), fireplace, hot tub on the back deck, and many more large games in addition to a Wii Console with multiple accompanying games and go-with's make this a Game Room that will provide fun for every age and interest in your group.

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The awesome view of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park of course is the most popular feature of this luxury cabin.  

However, there are many other popular amenities in the huge Game Room of this luxury cabin -- aside from the views and the games -- including a Big-Screen HD TV and Satellite Television, a Hot Tub (just outside the Game Room on the deck), a Fireplace, sofa and chairs, etc.  Regarding the specific games -- they change from time to time, but see below for the latest detail.

Game Room features currently include (see photos above for many of these Game Room features):
  • 100-CD Jukebox
  • 8' Pool table 
  • Air hockey 
  • Foosball
  • Poker table, with game table-top and chairs
  • Nintendo Wii (for more detail on the Nintendo Wii game system, see below)
  • Hannah Montana Video Game
  • The Beatles: Rock Band
  • Tony Hawk "Shred" Electronic Skateboard competition (upgraded version of Tony Hawk "Ride")
  • The Biggest Loser
  • The Beatles: Rock Band (drums, guitars, microphones, etc)
  • Wii Sport
  • Hasbro Game Night for Wii
  • Video Arcade: NFL Football
  • Video Arcade: Multicade, with 50+ arcade games
  • iPod Docking Station
  • DVD and CD Player
  • Hopscotch
  • Play Kitchen
  • Bookshelves full of Books, DVDs, CDs, Board Games, etc
Nintendo Wii system includes the following Wii hardware, Wii games, etc
  • Wii Console
  • Wii Fit
    • Create your Mii, and your Wii Fit Profile via a BMI (Body Mass Index) Test, and a Wii Fit Age test. 
    • Choose your exercise category and begin -- Strength Training, Aerobics, Yoga and Balance Games.
      • Wii Strength Training: Exercises to improve muscle-tone include: Single Leg Extension, Sideways Leg Lift, Arm and Leg Lift, Single-Arm Stand, Torso Twists, Rowing Squat, Single Leg Twist, Lunge, Push-Up and Side Plank, Jackknife, Plank and Tricep Extension. Challenges include Push-Up Challenge, Plank Challenge and Jackknife Challenge.
      • Wii Aerobics: Exercises include: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, Basic Run, Super Hula Hoop, Advanced Step, 2-P Run, Rhythm Boxing, Free Step and Free Run.
      • Wii Yoga: Poses and activities include: Deep Breathing, Half-Moon, Dance, Cobra, Bridge, Spinal Twist, Shoulder Stand, Warrior, Tree, Sun Salutation, Standing Knee, Palm Tree, Chair, Triangle and Downward-Facing Dog.
      • Wii Balance Games: Games include: Soccer Heading, Ski Slalom, Ski Jump, Table Tilt, Tightrope Walk, Balance Bubble, Penguin Slide, Snowboard Slalom and Lotus Focus.

  • Wii Balance Board
  • Rechargeable Wii Remotes with Protective Jackets (4) and Wii Remote Charging Station.
  • Wii Nunchuks (4). Wireless Nunchuck Controllers.
  • The Biggest Loser for Wii (THQ).
    • Can be used with the Wii Fit Balance Board.  This can be a complete workout, since The Biggest Loser contains over 88 exercises, including upper, lower body, core, cardio, and yoga.
  • Tony Hawk "Shred" Skateboard.
    • Includes innovative skateboard controller, with multi-player edition ("Party Mode"), which can be used with up to 8 players.  Comes with 4 modes -- Challenge, Speed, Trick, and Free Skate -- with locations throughout the world. Improved version of Tony Hawk "Ride", Tony Hawk "Shred" board comes with 100+ built-in moves, and multiple levels of difficulty.
  • The Beatles: RockBand
    • Supports 3 microphones and 3-part harmony (and 2 guitars, a drum set, etc.). Select your location from the Beatles career, including Cavern Club, Abbey Road and Shea Stadium.
    • Beatles songs included in The Beatles: Rock Band for Wii: I Saw Her Standing There, Boys, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Twist And Shout, I Wanna Be Your Man, I Want to Hold Your Hand, A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t Buy Me Love, I Feel Fine, Eight Days A Week, Ticket To Ride, Day Tripper, Drive My Car, I’m Looking Through You, If I Needed Someone, Paperback Writer, Taxman, Yellow Submarine, And Your Bird Can Sing, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, With a Little Help from My Friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Getting Better, Good Morning Good Morning, I Am The Walrus, Hello Goodbye, Revolution, Back In The USSR, Dear Prudence, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Birthday, Helter Skelter, Hey Bulldog, Don’t Let Me Down, Come Together, Something, Octopus’s Garden, I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Here Comes The Sun, Dig A Pony, I Me Mine, I’ve Got A Feeling, Get Back, Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows, The End
  • Wii Guitars (2).  Can be played as guitar or as bass. For use with The Beatles: Rock Band.
  • Wii Microphones (3) and Mic Stand. For use with The Beatles: Rock Band.
  • Wii Drum Set and Drumsticks for Wii. For use with The Beatles: Rock Band.
  • Wii Sports, with Wii Baseball, Wii Bowling, Wii Boxing, Wii Golf, Wii Tennis, and other Wii Games.
    • Create your own Mii (avatar), and, using the Wii Remote, throw a pitch, pick-up a spare, knock someone out, correct your slice, fire an ace, etc.
  • Hannah Montana The Movie Wii Game
    • Practice dance moves with Hannah Montana, and play with her band -- drums, guitar, keyboard and microphones.  Includes 6 concert stages -- and 14 songs, including five from Hannah Montana the Movie.  Have fun designing Hannah's outfits and creating new wardrobe looks for Hannah. You can even customize Hannah Montana's Tour Bus.
  • Family Game Night 2 Wii Game (Hasbro)
    • Includes Operation, Jenga, Connect 4x4, Pictureka, Mr. Potato Head, and Bop it!
    • Create your own Mii avatar. Customize Mr. Potato Head. Multiplayer version for up to 4 players. Includes Game Show Mode in which players use their Wii Remotes to interact with their Mii and Mr. Potato Head. Great family entertainment.